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Buen juego, corto, pero bueno.

i love it

Good job 👍

Thank you very much! game starts at 3:09

I loved the car teleporting to other side of the parking lot

Esta muy bueno XD


5th Game: 53:03

Basically imagine Evil Cars cheat from Saints Rows 2, put into a short horror game. 

Yoh guys, how are you all ?, i Really appreciated this game, and its Very spooky and Funny, end i Scream a Lot xD, if you wanna see me Scream this is the video on my Youtube Channel 

very fun first game!

I just wanted to go home :(

great game!

That's why you shouldn't parking your car on absolutely empty parking lot,where is no other cars around,its gonna be destroyed by Demon,or someone else. Pretty cool short horror game,its interesting idea to make a horror game about parking lot,5\5

I will never go shopping at nights :D This is my Italian gameplay. Cool game :) 

Algo corto, pero tiene buena ambientación


I think my reactions says enough about how I feel about this game.

Recorded this a while ago, but I totally broke it lmaooooooooo. Definitely scared me good!

really creepy and scary short horror game i enjoyed it 

Cool !!

Premiering at 4PM. Eastern

This game did it all perfectly! I was literally on my toes the entire game! 

A fun, quick play. Although the flashing lights were a bit much for me >.< 

A very good game. There were unexpected moments in it, but there were also obvious ones, although they also surprised me. I was also pleased with a certain analogue of replay value, which gives a lot of pluses to the game. As for me, a very good and scary horror for the evening, I liked it

Had a great time playing this game! It was short, sweet, and straight to the point. I am a huge fan of the ps1 style horror games. 

Thank you for the content roguetaver, and antoniofusiv

A nice short and sweet horror.





What a game hahaha

that surprised me quite a bit lol, good game bro I like this game

Eerie and creepy! Awesome game!!! 

Very creepy game! definitely one of the better horror games here on itch! :)

nice game.. i enjoyed.

Loved it! 

Juego corto entretenido y lleno de sustos y misterio. Good job!
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Spooky parking lot but also the decorative forest below the parking garage seems scaryer to me than in the play area of the game! but it's another one of those good bite-sized spooks so i lik :) gg dev

Like the game, but sometimes a little confusing

My girlfriend got mad at me for screaming in terror, 10/10

Played this game as part of my 3 scary games, and my son and I really enjoyed it. Really liked the creepiness to it. 

Muito bom!!

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